Freelove: a novel by Sia Figiel

It is 1985 in Nu‘uolemanusa/Village of the Sacred Owl, Western Samoa. Madonna’s Like a Virgin rules the airwaves. Brilliant and inquisitive high school student and Star Trek fanatic, 17 ½ year old Inosia Alofafua Afatasi, is sent by her mother to the capital, Apia, to buy three giant white threads. While she waits at the […]

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Hawai‘i: a novel by Mark Panek

A nine-term U.S. senator and political patriarch is dead, leaving modern-day Hawai‘i at a crossroads: crumbling public educa- tion at all levels, a crystal meth epidemic, Native Hawaiians getting shipped to Arizona prisons, and class divisions so deep that even State Senator Russell Lee has to scramble to avoid eviction from his family’s dream home. […]

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MEĻAĻ by Robert Barclay

Robert Barclay weaves together characters and stories from mythological times with those of the present-day to give readers a rare and unsparing look at life in the contemporary Pacific.

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THE IDEA MAN by Josh Green

A Novel of Adventure, Friendship, and the Secret of Life.

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In the Time Before Light, is the last novel by the late and much beloved author Ian MacMillian.

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HAWAIʻI SMILES by Robert Barclay

Hawai’i Smiles contains just what the world of literature, and the world at large, has been needing for a long time a great big dose of lightening up!

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