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A startling vision of the near future, Barclay’s Pasifika follows a group of desperate and disturbed Americans on a horrific and at times darkly comic journey into the haunted ruins of an ancient megalithic city.

“Mark Panek’s ‘Hawaii’ is ambitious, darkly comic, and possibly prophetic–a behind the scenes look at practically everything going on in our islands today. Every absurd and selfish impulse is on the page, no politician or ethnic group goes unflayed, and, despite this being a novel, we read convinced that the real-life counterparts of Panek’s characters walk among us. We recognize them, and we also recognize ourselves in them. For this reason Hawaii leaps out of a very fine class of books and into its own category. Because it dares to ask the hardest questions and examine the most uncomfortable conundrums of life in these incredibly diverse, increasingly congested, and economically fragile islands of ours, ‘Hawaii’ is one of the rare works that, if enough people read the book, could actually have a positive social impact.”–HBPA Excellence in Literature Award Selection Panel Statement

It is 1985 in Nu‘uolemanusa/Village of the Sacred Owl, Western Samoa. Madonna’s Like a Virgin rules the airwaves. Brilliant and inquisitive high school student and Star Trek fanatic, 17 ½ year old Inosia Alofafua Afatasi, is sent by her mother to the capital, Apia, to buy three giant white threads. While she waits at the bus-stop, Mr. Ioane Viliamu, her teacher of Science and Mathematics and recent graduate of the University of Papua New Guinea and the pastor’s eldest son, in turn, her spiritual brother, stops to offer her a ride in his red pick-up truck. Should she wait for the bus? Or should she accept the ride?

In the sweltering summer of 1824, British merchant Matthew Davis finds himself drunk and delirious in the port of Honolulu, thinking he might like to hear about “the military exploits of the natives, their feather-bedecked kings and ferocious armies.” Instead, he stumbles into a confrontation with disease and misery and bears witness to the harrowing life story of Ka‘alokulokupono, an elderly Hawaiian kidnapped in his youth by the legendary privateer Roger Beckwith, a man dead-set on pursuing the design of a world consumed by one evil act after another. From master storyteller Ian MacMillan comes his most sweeping epic yet, a tale of three men and a perilous voyage traversing Hawai‘i and the Pacific Rim.











Inside you will find gripping tales of unrelieved happiness, of smile-inducing euphoria, and relentless fun. This book might also cause fits, spasms, and a sudden popping of the joints, even inthose who tend toward frowning, sneering, and general negativity. Those who resist might spontaneously implode. For the rest of us, Hawai’i Smiles contains just what the world of literature, and the world at large, has been needing for a long time a great big dose of lightening up!

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