Loihi Press

About Lō‘ihi Press

Lō‘ihi Press is a local family-owned independent book publishing company based in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.  Our goal is to provide a venue for authors whose books fall outside what is fast becoming a cookie-cutter notion of “marketability” that is continuously leaving lovers of Hawai‘i and Pacific Literature with fewer and fewer real reading choices.  Cookbooks, textbooks, reference materials, children’s books, how-to guides, hiking maps, and tour books may all be widely available.  But it is difficult to find a Hawai‘i or Pacific novel or short story collection that exceeds 300 pages, or one that deals honestly with “controversial” issues.  And when such marketing and production cost decisions begin to trump the visions of local writers, then we all lose.

Our highly selective acquisitions process provides us with the resources to pursue the kinds of projects that are passed over by other publishers for these bottom-line reasons.  Because our acceptance rate is at less than one book per year, we are able to provide each of our titles with a unique amount of personal one-on-one support throughout the editorial and production processes at a very low cost to the press.  Our post-production and post-release marketing efforts are equally focused, generally leading to reviews in local publications, statewide signing and speaking appearances, other local media coverage, and placement both in Hawai‘i bookstores and on Amazon.  In short, our size, our experience, and our focus all allow us to produce “big” books, “outside-the-box” books, books that “push the edge of the envelope”—books that other publishers would consider “unprofitable”—and then sell them to local readers at reasonable prices.

Our Mission Statement:
Lō‘ihi Press believes that Hawai‘i and Pacific literature does more than just interrogate the familiar “outsider” Elvis-Michener-Hawaii-Five-0 catalogue with ethnic experience stories depicting “the other Hawai‘i.”  We are committed to producing Hawai‘i and Pacific themed books of all genres and sizes whose entertainment value always matches their political and historical importance.

Lō‘ihi Origins

Lō‘ihi Press, was named after the Lō‘ihi Seamount, an active undersea volcano built on the seafloor south of Kilauea about 30 km from shore. Lō‘ihi Seamount is the newest volcano in the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain, a string of volcanoes that include the Hawaiian Islands. Lō‘ihi is the only Hawaiian volcano in the deep submarine preshield stage of development. Lō‘ihi began forming around 400,000 years ago and is expected to begin emerging above sea level about 10,000–100,000 years from now.

Like the Lō‘ihi Seamount, Lō‘ihi Press is already emerging as the next link in Hawai‘i’s great chain of independent publishing houses.